Frequently Asked Questions and help on buying or maintaining our handmade luxury leather bag range.

Yes!  We're very proud of the quality of our leather and the craftsmanship that has gone into each bag, so we offer a Lifetime Warranty against any manufacturing defects.  This covers our range of handmade leather bags, and excludes other accessories and sundries such as care kits.

The Lifetime Warranty covers any manufacturing damage that stops you using your bag.  It doesn't cover normal wear and tear - for example cosmetic wear or aging to the leather surface, or a buckle that's worn or broken after extensive use.  It also doesn't cover water damage - we recommend applying a water resistant coating throughout its life to keep it in top condition.  Accidental damage also isn't covered.

If you do have any damage or a problem that wouldn't be covered, or you're not sure, please contact us and we'll be happy to help see what we can do for you!

Proof of purchase is required - e.g. your original purchase email or any other documentation.

Different sizes are available depending on the model of bag - e.g. the Cambrai is available in 11", 13" and 15" versions.  The product page will always give you full details about the bag and its sizing!  You can also optionally add embossed initialling to each bag.

As leather is a natural material, there can be slight variance in the shade and texture of the material.  However, we always do our best to be as consistent as possible!  The device that you're viewing our website on can also affect the experience of the photographs you're seeing.  Our bags will be the same design and quality as what you've viewed online, however.

Yes, we can do that for the usual price if sent to us, plus our standard carriage charge to return the bag back to you.  Please contact us if you'd like to do this.

We accept a wide variety of payment providers, including Visa, Mastercard, Visa Debit, Amex and more!  We also offer accelerated checkout via Apple/Google Pay, and purchase via PayPal or Amazon Pay.  If you would like to purchase via bank transfer, please contact us and we can arrange this.

Unfortunately as the customisation process is permanent, we can't accept any returns!  We don't want to promote waste as the bag can't be used by another customer.  In the very rare event that there's a fault or manufacturing problem we of course offer refund/repair/replacement.

Whilst leather is water resistant to an extent, as it is a fully natural material it will absorb water and isn't fully waterproof.  If your bag does get wet or damp, make sure you dry off any water on its surface when you can, and allow it to dry naturally before using it again.  Please don't apply direct heat to it.  If the bag gets very wet or you don't dry it, the leather may swell and damage or discolour the surface.

No, all of our bags are lining free - we want to show off our craftsman's work and allow you to enjoy the feel and quality of the leather!

Unfortunately once the initialling has been applied we don't allow exchange or refund (except in the case of faulty goods), as it is a permanent process.  The bag can't be reused for another customer when initialled and we don't want to promote waste!  If you place an order with initialling and change your mind, please let us know immediately, as once this has been carried out changes won't be possible.

Our Leather Care Kit will help you clean, nourish and protect your bag over its lifetime!  You can also purchase products to help you improve water resistance.  Ideally keep the bag protected when not in use, and if it gets wet, please let it dry naturally and don't apply heat to it directly.  Our Kit will help you with any light stains - don't use normal detergents!

Within the UK, the cost is normally £10 per order.  This may rise to £15 or higher for very large orders.  Within the EU and the rest of the world, shipping costs will normally be £20.  Please note that this doesn't include any additional charges such as Customs Duties, Import Taxes or Handling Fees - you're responsible for paying those on any goods you receive.  Your local tax authorities will be able to help you know if you'd be liable for any additional costs.

Our website will always bill you in Pounds Sterling (GBP).  All credit or debit cards issuers will have their own currency conversion rates and potentially fees, so please contact your bank to find out what they are.  Non-GBP prices quoted on our website are for information only.

We can ship to any country in the world, normally!  If you have any special requests on the courier service you require, get in touch and we can try to help you out.  Some products such as Accessories (leather care) may not be available worldwide, due to shipping restrictions.

Yes, all of our bags are hand-made in Belfast with real leather!

If you need to make a change or cancel an item, please let us know as soon as possible!  Especially if you've ordered a customisation option such as embossing, as these orders can't be refunded once the personalisation has taken place.

No, you shouldn't be charged any VAT by us when ordering to outside of UK/Europe!  Don't forget that your government might levy customs duties and import taxes, however.

If a bag is in stock, it will generally be sent next working day via courier, and arrive within one working day to UK locations.  For EU/World dispatches, delivery may take 1-2 weeks depending on location.  If customisation such as initialling is chosen, dispatch may take an additional 1-2 working days, however we strive to ship next day when we can!

Yes, carriage cost for any returns within 14 days of purchase are paid by you.  Please ensure that you send the bag securely and well packaged, if the original packaging is available, and that your carriage service will cover any loss/damage to the bag in transit.  If the bag is faulty however, we cover this cost - please contact us to arrange what to do, before sending anything back!

With our traditional blind embossing option, you can add up to 4 initials to your bag!  This is added using our traditional embossing press and character set.  The line drawings for each bag show you where we'll apply the embossing by listing "ABC" - it differs for each!  We support the characters A-Z, a-z and 0-9.  You can also add punctuation (. and ,) between the characters.  Please note that whilst it is unlikely this would occur, we cannot accept any embossed messages which may be deemed inappropriate or offensive.

If you're having any issues with your bag - either because it's faulty or has been damaged accidentally - please get in touch with us and we'll do our best to help!  If the bag is faulty and within warranty coverage we'll be able to let you know how to return it for free repair/replacement/refund - otherwise we'll be able to say if any repair or mitigation options are available, and at what cost.  Please make sure you take everything out before sending the bag back!

Please ensure that you send the bag securely and well packaged, if the original packaging is available.  If it's a non-warranty repair, please ensure that your carriage service will cover any loss/damage to the bag in transit.

We don't normally send out samples, sorry!  As there's always subtle variations in colour and texture between different cuts of leather we wouldn't be able to guarantee you'd get exactly the same when ordering - one of the most appealing qualities of leather is its uniqueness!  We also hope our photography will help you make your purchasing decision.

That said, if there's anything specific you're curious about or want to know more of, let us know and we'll do our best to help out!

Not normally!  Our leathers are purpose-made for use with bags, and won't normally have any transfer of pigmentation from the dyes on the bag to any clothing.  It's impossible to guarantee against 100% due to the way leather is produced and coloured, however it's very rare you'd have any issues.

If the bag gets wet and you rub it against rough something continuously, you may see some colour transfer due to the friction - however this would typically wash out.

Your bag will be shipped to you inside a study cardboard box.  To keep our commitment to reducing environmental waste, we use as little wasteful packaging and printed materials as possible!

After your order is dispatched our courier should send you a tracking number via email - this will give you full history for your shipment.  If you've any other queries just let us know and we'll do the best we can to help!

If you treat leather as it should be, your bag should last you a lifetime!  We offer a full range of accessories to help you look after your bag as well.

Our courier will leave a calling card with instructions if they can't get you - please follow those to arrange redelivery or collection as necessary.

In the unlikely event that you have any issues with your bag arriving, please let us know and we'll chase that up for you!  The tracking information will help you see if there are any problems or delays during delivery also.

Blind Embossing costs £10 for each bag, allowing up to 4 characters to be embossed (A-Z, a-z, 0-9).  Punctuation can also be used, not included in the 4 character limit.

If it's within 14 days of receiving your bag, please contact us and we'll let you know how to proceed!  You can see full details in our Refunds/Returns Policy.  Notably if your bag is customised it can't normally be returned unless faulty.

Unfortunately we don't offer a gift wrapping service.  Whilst we love to see bags being given as gifts, we do encourage everyone to use recyclable wrapping paper!