Our Story

With three daughters of school age, we were buying three new schoolbags at the start of each school year, as fashion and peer pressure made Alexandra, Isabel and Elena thought they really needed one, they didn’t, the only thing wrong with last year's bag was the fact that it had been used before! However, the bags were generally synthetic, so even when they did come to end of life they would not biodegrade nor could they be recycled,... we want to change this.

We decided to develop a modern range of natural pure vegetable tanned leather bags, satchels and accessories; designed and made in Northern Ireland, free from plastics – leather bags that would last years and be kind to the environment. Our products are creatively designed to be simple, functional and enduring, designed to last years, then to be recycled or biodegraded. We hope our products appeal to you and help you to free the world from plastics. 

We chose a Belfast leather working company that has been making bags and satchels since the early 1960s. While the bags have been around for nearly 60 years, our OX & RAM story is just starting; even if you don't love our products, we do hope you feel the same about sustainability, our children are now pushing us to do more, we all want to make a difference.

Keith & Cristina, Alexandra, Isabel & Elena.